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My main research interest is to study the bioprocessing of stem cells in 3D environments, the design of medical devices and clinical scale bioreactors. In particular, the production of bone, cartilage and dentinal tissue in biodegradable scaffolds, with the aid of media perfusion, biophysical cues and the use of physiological levels of cytokines. The ultimate aim of my research, is to produce functional bio-mimicking bio-materials for cellular therapy and regenerative medicine.

From a wider perspective, I intend to establish a dynamic multi-disciplinary research setting with the aims of providing biological solutions for medical and industrial problems.

I joined Universidad de la Frontera in 2016 and I plan to form a research team able to fulfill the afore mentioned goals with a practical / hands on approach, where the measure of our success will be down to whether we can provide practical solutions for intricate scenarios which may have significant repercussion in the field.

Academic background


  • PhD DIC, Imperial College London

  • MSc, Universidad de Santiago de Chile

  • BSc, Universidad de Santiago de Chile

Research interests

  • Tissue Engineering

  • Biological Systems Engineering (BSE)

  • Bioprocessing of Human, Mammalian and Fish Stem Cells

  • Food Science and Technology


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